As the COVID-related and other risks of travel evolve, Wake Forest continues to monitor the latest public health recommendations and travel-related advisories and adjust our policies and guidelines accordingly.

The guidance outlined below is effective on April 1, 2022 and will remain in place until further notice.

  • Pre-authorization is no longer required for university-sponsored International Travel. 
  • All University-sponsored international travelers must complete the International Travel Forms process and all related required elements.

Domestic Travel

Wake Forest-sponsored domestic travel is permitted following regular university policies and procedures. The following guidelines should be observed:

International Travel

In support of its mission to make a priority of international research, study, and understanding, Wake Forest encourages University sponsored international travel. At the same time, the University recognizes that such travel may pose certain additional risks. Therefore, all University-sponsored international travelers must complete the International Travel Forms process and all related required elements.

Personal Travel

For both domestic and international travel that is personal in nature (i.e. not funded or sponsored by the University), Wake Forest offers the following advice: